Opportunity Statement/Project Business Case Template

No Plagiarism, APA format with 3 academic references.

The Objective of this project is to Implement a Campus IT store that is ready to sell computer supplies such as software, memory sticks, Mouse pads, cables etc, when class starts in Sep 2020. The project duration will be for 8 months or 240 days maximum, with enough inventory to last through the first four weeks of classes.

Title- Campus IT Store

Scope – The team will create a campus Information Technology store to sell softwares, computers and its accessories to faculty and students at affordable prices. This project will have a workflow process that includes getting approval for setting the store in the university, gathering necessary information from the university regarding the students size, courses, and their IT needs, identifying the inventory needed for the store, procuring suppliers needed to get the inventory, and setting up the physical store.

Write a 3 page assignment on below topic

Opportunity Statement/Project Business Case Template

Impact Statement

Project Justification

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