Nursing leadership Organizations

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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

Unfortunately, many reorganizations of departments are kept secret until the change is put in effect. Many employees feel blind-sided and betrayed when this occurs. It is natural for the staff to feel resentful or upset regarding the lack of input they had in the new decision. As a nurse leader, understanding that the fact that the staff is upset is important, because it identifies that they care (Informal leaders and cultural change, 2019). When nurse leaders recognize that the staff’s emotions show that they are connected to the issue, the leader can begin to help. At this point nurse leaders must educate themselves, and sometimes must question their superiors about the change. They should be the voice of the entire staff and inform the upper management that the lack of input has been met with disappointment and negativity. Find out information as to why the change occurred and educate the staff. Some changes must happen without input from staff and it is what it is. The nurse leader must find positive aspects of the reorganization and attempt to enlist support. The more support, the better the attitude.

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