nurse leadership conflict resolution organization

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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

As a nurse leader, it is important to keep up with any changes that will be happening in your department to give fair warning to the effected employees. With this, employees can better prepare themselves for the upcoming changes. When a conflict arises, it would be best to listen to the employee’s point of view and then professionally speak with, in this case, the new director about the employee’s concerns, and see if a compromise can me made. Conflict resolution is an essential element of a healthy work environment because a breakdown in communication and collaboration can lead to increased stress and possible disrupt in workplace environment. As a leader, we would need to assess how nurses deal with conflict and possibly develop or implement a conflict management training to assist them with dealing with difficult situations. The key to being a good leader is listening to your employees concerns and assisting them on how to best deal with new changes in the workplace that are out of their hands and to best adjust the team to work around the new adjustments in the workplace. Although effective conflict management skills have been identified as an essential competency for the professional RN to provide safe, quality care to patients, reports of workplace conflict continue to rise. Nurse leaders need to step up and get involve with their employees to assist them in dealing with these conflicts or unwanted work place adjustments because we need to remember, we are there for the patients needs, not our own, and changes can be a great part of improving patient care even though it might seem hard at times to adjust to new rules or changes in our workplace.


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