nterdisciplinary Approaches to Social Inquiry : Researching the University

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All you need to do is Part 3. Project outline and Part 1,2 is attached below for you.

PART 3: METHODOLOGY & METHODS – including the following:

You will begin by drawing from course material to answer the following question: What is the difference between a methodology and a method? From here you will explain: 1) the methodology you plan to utilize to study your research topic and why, and 2) you will compare 2 potential methods for exploring your research topic (interviews and surveys) and argue your reasoning for including and/or excluding each method. In doing so, you will select a method that you plan to move forward with and how you plan to conduct the research (including who and what you will be studying, and where and when it would take place: i.e. which people, groups, and places on campus will you find answers to your research question?). Make sure to submit a copy of any interview or survey questions and a sample consent form that you will be using to undertake your research. *If you do not submit these forms, you will not be able to proceed with your field research.

Ask yourself: how does this method, or set of methods, help you explore your research topic and answer your research question/statement effectively?

Make sure to cite the course readings, in-class lecture materials, and external academic literature for all elements of this assignment (approx. 3000 words plus references).

A NOTE ON RESEARCH QUESTIONS: This assignment must include a list of 10-20 questions that you intend to ask your research subject in order to gain data to meet the objectives that you have outlined. Open-ended questions that prompt a full answer rather than ‘yes’ or ‘no’ are best. Use phrases such as “Describe…” or “Tell me about…”

REMEMBER: You are not expected to undertake the entire research project. Rather, you will only conduct one of the two methods, and on a much smaller scale. For instance, if you choose surveys and photovoice as your methods, in the final assignment, you will only be expected to perform one method, with a small segment of your research population (e.g. if your research population is n=25, you will only conduct 1-2 surveys or photovoice interviews).

Reading Material:

Smith, L. T. (2012). Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples. New York: Zed Books Ltd.

Hoonaard, D K Van den. (2018). Qualitative Research in Action: A Canadian Primer. Themes in Canadian Sociology. Oxford University Press.


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