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PART # 1- After reading Chapter 4, pp. 41-51, write a ONE page, double spaced, word processed response to the QUESTIONS raised in the “Application and Discussion” section, page 42.


Ethical dilemmas often occur in the workplace as a result of “bottom line” pressures if we do “X” we will improve the bottom line, but “X” is ethically questionable. What should we do? One problem supervisor’s face in such situations is that doing the right thing often “pays off” only in the long run. In the short run it might appear to have a negative financial effect.

â–  Have you ever faced an ethical dilemma on the job or elsewhere? What kinds of pressures did you face when trying to decide what to do? Did you have the support of people important to you to do the “right thing”?


â–  put yourself in the place of Tom Richards in the preceding example. What do you think he should do? What problems will he face if he meets Jake’s demands?

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