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The first section should be an introduction to your topic. This section you should demonstrate your ability to write a scholarly paper. You should review the background of your topic and give an outline of the contents of your paper. In this section you are expected to present a broad review of the literature of the topic of study synthesizing the major theories in the respective knowledge domains. While seminal data may be important, the vast majority of the literature cited should be current (within four years of the date of the paper).

Introduction: Everyone

I have written a short incomplete attention getter for the introduction. I intentionally did it that way so that each of us can have a say in how we introduce our research paper. If everyone can contribute a paragraph or at least a couple sentences, then we can have a completed 1 1/2 pages for the introduction per the professors’ requirements.

Research question: ME

1 over arching question regarding knowledge transfer and no more than 2 sub questions. Each sub question should involve leadership development and global trends. You can use the notes I provided as well as your own research in leadership development to ask these questions. 1 paragraph (5-7 sentences) per the professors’ requirements.


If you use research questions they would be placed here in the document. Such questions help point out to the reader, some of the key issues that will be covered. Research questions must be answered in the document in the same order that they appear in the document.

Design of the study: Everyone

Each of you write one or two sentences to describe the design. I will edit it in a manner that makes sense. 1 paragraph (5-7 sentences) per the professors’ requirements.


This section informs the reader of the way the research was conducted
giving the reader enough information to understand the approach being used by
the researcher The three most commonly
used methods are descriptive, conceptual, and empirical.

Definition of terms: Everyone

If anyone notices any acronyms or specific terms in their research, add that to your document and I can piece it all together.

NOTE Definition of Terms

In this section the researcher will help the reader understand any terms that may be unclear or have multiple definitions. Definitions are not to come from a dictionary but from appropriate professional journals and publications. Target audience should be considered and the researcher should be careful not to belittle the intelligence of reading audience.



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