nevada history

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1. This is an essay of imagination. Imagine you are a person living on the land that we now call Nevada. You are living here many centuries ago, before contact with Europeans and Americans. You are perhaps an Ancestral Puebloan (living here before the year 1200 A.D.), or a member of one of the groups who lived here after the Ancestral Puebloans, such as the Southern Piute, Northern Piute, Western Shoshoni, Washo, or Mohave. Talk about yourself. Who are you? Where do you live? How do you live your life from day to day in this desert environment? In writing this essay of imagination, you may refer to the readings, to your notes on the PowerPoint, and to the film The Earth is our Home about the Northern Piute people. Give specific details about your life and the lives of your fellow people on the land that we now call Nevada.

Please only use

  • Michael Green, Nevada: A History of the Silver State as reference.

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