Neighborhood Development Narrative of South of Market Area, San Francisco. (area history)

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1.How does the current physical or social character of South of Market Area derive from the area’s history? Be specific.

2.What were the two most important turning points in the South of Market Area’s history? Explain why.

3.Which social groups, political actors, city policies, or local institutions have been the most influential in the South of Market Area’s development? Why have they been influential?

4.What conflicts or tensions have occurred in South of Market Area? Who were the opposing groups and why did they hold opposing views? Were the issues resolved, and if so how?

5.Finally, think about South of Market Area future. Is this a stable area or is it a place in transition? If it is stable, why do you think it has been able to maintain its character over time? If it is in transition, describe what you think will happen. What will South of Market Area be like in 10 years?

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