Need paper for Ethics and Diversity Proposal

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Choose one of the following diversity issues: race, gender, ethnicity or age.

Write a  paper of 350 words or more explaining how and why your selected ethical consideration from page 57**  and why your diversity issue of either race, gender, ethnicity or age,  impact the one HR strategic planning objecitves of company growth/expansion, product or service diversification, quality improvement, talent acquisition and retention, increase company brand recognition or increasing community partnerships/alliances)   Suggest specific recommendations for best practices for dealing with each consideration.

  • Organize your paper like this:
    • One paragraph identifying and describing the ethical consideration (from exhibit 2 – 4 on pg 57 of Mello’s book**)  and the impact it is having  on one of your company’s strategic HR planning objectives. (Do not discuss employment laws or employment policies related to the Civil Rights Act as it will be redundant with the section below on diversity.   Do not make the mistake of discussing diversity in this section)    
    • One paragraph providing your recommendations for addressing this ethical consideration in a way that will help you achieves your  identified strategic plan objective (See strategic plan objectives listed above).
    •  One paragraph identifying and describing one of the four listed diversity considerations (race, gender, ethnicity or age)  and the impact it is having on  one of your company’s strategic HR planning objectives.(See HR  planning objectives above).    Include a desripiton of the demographic make up in your organization and explain, in context of the demographic make up why this diversity consideration is important to your specific organizaition.  For example, if you choose to talk about “age”, make sure you describe the overall age disttribution in your organization. (Be sure to identify the strategic plan component being affected by this consideration)  
    • One paragraph providing your recommendations for addressing this diversity consideration in a way, which will help you, achieves your  identified strategic plan objective.
    • Do not include an introduction or conclusion.
  • Format  according to APA standards.
  • Write in 3rd person.  
  • Use References:  from any two of our three text books and from your research on your company.
  • Cite your references. If you used an electronic source, include the link.  Make sure you use in-text citations in the body of the paper to identify any work that relies upon information from another source. Even if you have re-written researched work in your own words (paraphrased) you must cite your source.  Make sure no more than 15% of your paper relies upon research/non-original work.


• Need for Personal Integrity—a statement about dealing with individuals both inside and outside of the


• Compliance and Laws—addressing intolerance for violating employment, labor, or any other laws that

affect the organization

• Political Contributions and Activity—a statement concerning the employer’s policy in this domain,

including solicitation of personal and/or financial support

• Confidential Information—a statement that identifies what is considered confidential and how such

information should be treated, including a statement on employee expectations of privacy

• Conflicts of Interest—a statement that employees are expected to act in the employer’s interests in

carrying out their job duties along with disclosure requirements

• Books and Records—a statement stressing the practice of using accurate and accepted standards for

financial reporting, as well as a prohibition against falsification

• Employment Policies—a general statement on how employees are to be treated, including issues of

fairness, discrimination, and safety

• Securities Transactions—a statement on any restrictions that might exist relative to the purchase or sale

of stock, as well as a statement and policy directed at insider trading

• Use of Company Assets—a statement that assets will be used only for business, rather than personal

interests and needs

• Gifts, Gratuities, and Entertainment—a statement about such relationships and exchanges with clients,

with further guidance provided for employees who deal with individuals from other countries where

customs, laws, and business practices may differ from those domestically

• The Environment—a statement about the organization’s relationship to its environment, if the area of

business has an impact on the environment

• Compliance—a statement concerning how the Code of Ethics is to be communicated, certified,

implemented, and enforced

Codes of ethics/conduct can be effective only if communicated to all employees and reinforced through the

behaviors of senior managers and the organization’s reward system. Codes that are developed, then exist,

isolated from specific business practices and rewards are likely to have little impact on employees’ behavior.

Senior managers need to lead by example, modeling the kinds of behaviors expected of employees at all levels

of the organization. Finally, such codes can succeed only if a mechanism exists to enforce compliance with their

terms, including follow-up and corrective action.

*** I can add more information upon request***

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