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Diversity Paper should consist of “infusing diversity” in your content area.  If
you teach Social Science, Math, English, etc., you should be able to infuse
diversity by using specific cultural groups. and adapting your teaching plans,
etc. with the assignment.  Include your lesson plans and samples of all
activities that you plan to use.  Many students identify “diversity or
multicultural groups,” ONLY as students with special needs. You may use this
group in conjunction with other minority groups when you are when you are
completing this assignment, i.e. Hispanics, Asian Americans, Native Americans,
etc. Please note that if you do not include LESSON PLANS AND SAMPLES OF 
ACTIVITIES  you will receive only 50% of your grade for this assignment. You
must choose a “Minority Group” other than Students with Special Needs for this

This assignment must be submitted in LiveText.

Infusing Diversity in the Content Area:  Counseling students should identify
specific cultural groups and identify the model that you would use to counsel
individuals in diverse settings.

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