Need help to erite a 400 words essay about Noun Clauses and Sentence Structure

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Here is the rule: “Grammar Essay #5: Target: Noun Clauses and Sentence Structure! Here is your topic: Write about something you have always thought about doing, but you have never done. Perhaps that is because you haven’t had the opportunity yet, or you were afraid or reluctant to carry out your plans. Explain to me what you have always wanted to do and why. The target is noun clauses and sentence structure. I will be looking carefully at parallelism, fragments, run-ons, comma splices, as well as repeated/deleted subjects and verbs! Good luck! “

I just figured out my topic: I always think about traveling to Japan, however I have’t been there yet.

Simple essay. Just follow the rule and make sure no grammar mistakes.

No  Plagiarism as well

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