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Essay Assignment #1

Visual Analysis Essay (15% of Final Grade)

Assignment overview: In this paper, choose an advertisement or advertisements that interest you and write an essay, 500-650 word (about 2 two-pages), MLA Formatted (Times New Roman, 12-point font), about the advertisement(s) by working through the “checklist for analyzing images” in your textbook. Describe the advertisement, who the audience is, what the argument is, what types of appeals it makes, what attracts us, etc. You might also consider comparing advertisements over time. For example, looking at an advertisement for baby diapers made 20 years ago and one today might be a nice way to analyze and note differences over time.

Final draft due: on or before 11:59 p.m., Sunday, November 8th. Submit .doc or .docx version of your essay on Bb under Assignments (including a submission to SafeAssign).

Essay guidelines:

1.Introductory paragraph: Your introduction should (1) engage the reader, (2) provide appropriate background information about the visual text (a brief description, and (3) assert your thesis. In this case, your thesis will be your assertion of what the intended meaning of the image is: What is the image trying to “say” to its audience?

2.Body paragraphs (at least 3): Each body paragraph should include a topic sentence that clearly supports the thesis. Each paragraph should (1) identify an element of the visual text that contributes to its overall meaning, (2) briefly describe the element to establish a context for your readers, and (3) explain HOW the element conveys or contributes to the central meaning of the visual text. Answering the “HOW” part is crucial to your analysis. It is not enough to just identify the characteristics; you must also discuss how these characteristics create meaning or make a statement.

  1. Concluding Paragraph: The concluding paragraph should (1) evaluate the effectiveness of the visual image and 2) lead the reader out of the essay.

Formatting Instructions

Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, as well as MLA style for formatting your paper and citing your source (in a works cited page).

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