need answers to classmate

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need two answers to this posts

nice answer classmate can be less formal.

1. The website of the Illinois Department of Employment Services would be a great resource for a client that has recently lost their job. This website provides individuals with all of the necessary information and tools to optimize their job search and increase their chances of getting a new job. A client that has recently lost their job can come to this website to look for various job postings, events and workshops to increase their skills and resume, information on unemployment rights, and so much more. The tools and resources available on this website would help the client to be proactive during the time they are unemployed and provide them with all the necessary tools to get back into the job market. The section of CIS that I researched was the high school/college section as I know this is an important time in individuals lives where they begin to explore their future. This section provides assessments to examine the skills and interests of individuals and match them to a compatible career. Additionally, it provides information on various occupations, including schooling requirements and salary, school opportunities, and information on how to choose and find careers. It was interesting to explore this, and I found it to be a resource that I wish I had known about when exploring careers in high school and college.

I enjoyed exploring I think it is a great resource to have as we move farther in the education process and start to explore licensing and job opportunities. I found it to be particularly interesting reading the breakdown of careers as well as the local salary information and job outlook. I think the primary resource that I will use is the job search tool and licensing information.

The website that I found is This website provides tools for employers, students, career counselors and faculty members. Under the employer section, tools are provided on how to find possible employees, organization branding, and professional development. Career counselors and faculty members can come to this website to find workshops, information on career development and resources for professionals that have to cancel class. In addition to these individualized sections, the Career Center at Illinois provides information and tools on careers, resumes and cover letters, jobs, internships, and health professions. Career counselors can use this tool to learn more about the opportunities and information available to clients which will enhance their career development process.

2. Do you think you’ve seen pain or loss “activate” aggression reinforcers? Please share your example

I think I have seen pain/loss “activate” an aggression reinforcer, however, I think my example may be a bit silly. While in undergrad, I shared an apartment with three of my closest male friends. All of these friends were deeply engaged in video games, which would consume large chunks of their free time. For many, the actions in the game felt real and held a strong meaning in their life. I cannot think of how many times I heard someone slam their first hard onto their desk when their character was killed. While an online game may not be equivalent to real life pain and loss, for some people the loss in a game can feel like a real loss. The act of slamming a fist onto a table is an aggressive behavior which results in the aggression reinforcers of the sound it makes and the sensation of hitting a hand on a hard surface.

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