Narrative writing tells stories.

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The final major writing assignment for the course asks you to reflect back over our journey together. There are three options for the final essay, and each option requests that your write a form of a narrative. Narrative writing tells stories. I am looking to best understand the lessons you found most important in this course, how you developed a personal writing process, and/or how you applied elements of the rhetorical situation to enhance the effectiveness of your writing. From the following three options, please choose one and write a 2-3 page essay. This essay does not require the synthesis of information from outside sources; however, if you choose to cite from outside sources you will need to include a works cited page and coordinated in-text citations. Please submit the final essay in hard copy on our last day of class, December 14, 2017.

OPTION 1: Reflect on completing the second essay for the course. What was your writing process? What strategies did you employ to plan, research, draft, revise, and proofread your essay? Did you find your writing process to carry through linear steps or was your process cyclical (wherein you found yourself returning to earlier steps and completing the assignment in cycles)? What stage did you find most important when completing the assignment?

OPTION 2: Reflect on completing the second essay for the course. How did you analyze the rhetorical situation to effectively communicate your these? Choose 3-4 of the rhetorical elements and explain your consideration of them and the resulting decisions in application. You may also include the three audience appeals in your choices of supporting paragraph topics.

OPTION 3: Write a letter to an incoming ENG 111 student. Help to prepare him/her for the work ahead. What were the most important, most fun, most rewarding, and or most difficult aspects of the course? What tips and pieces of do you have that will help him/her to succeed?

Additionally, Essay 3 must demonstrate the same basic formatting requirements as all major writings essays, adapted from the MLA Handbook, 7th Edition.

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