Narrative Organizer help needed for my English assignment

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Parts 1 & 2 of the organizer are already done, so I need to complete parts 3 & 4 of the Narrative organizer BASED ON THE WORK COMPLETED ON PARTS 1 & 2. I am attaching my work and also the narrative organizer.

this is my work for parts 1 and 2:

Narrative Organizer


Part One

Directions: First, choose a topic.

Choose a Topic:


What happened before the story in “The Cask of Amontillado?”

I and Fortunato were two kids of the two neighboring families and
the parents of these families were good friends as well. We used to
go to school together, play together, and almost every
extracurricular activity together. Time spent and we became two
fully grown up young men. Left our parents’ homes to prove the
skills and talent we had and started living in the town at parallel but
still me and Fortunato used to meet and spend time with one
another. I was a well-off guy with good savings from my work and
had enough to spend good time but I was a bulky and fat person
which was sometimes a reason for embarrassment in front of others.
I never mentioned or expressed it but sometimes I used to feel upset
when alone. Fortunato was a smart and handsome person but had
sometimes let me to realize my fatness which was again not felt
badly by me. Time flown and we became adults and still used to sit
and have fun in the bars. We used to drink a lot whether alone or
accompanied one another. I once asked Fortunato,

“Do you feel pride when people praise your handsome personality”,
“Yes, indeed!” exclaimed by Fortunato.

This was the moment where I could say something about my sad
and frustrated feelings when I was made realized by the people as
well that I was an overweight but I stopped myself mysteriously and
went on with no expressions vocally or physically. This was the
strength of my nerves that held under control.

Parallel to my physical appearance, Fortunato was a little jealous
from my goodwill and prestige in the community and the wine
market where we used to sit together.

Fortunato used to find the chances where he could prove me wrong
or let me feel inferior to Fortunato. Both of us were bibulous most
of the day which used to ignite the gossips to the extent of superior/
inferior blame games.


Next, complete the graphic organizer by adding details to each section so that you are
planning the details for your Narrative Essay.




Montresor and Fortunato
families were neighbors and
it happens that he meets with
Fortunato in childhood
which turns out to be a
friendship between the two.

Both of them then go to the
house of Fortunato where he
plays with his friend.

Eventually, Montresor’s life
changes and he gets to be
wealthy but drunk as before.

Montresor acquires good
amount of wealth but a very
a bad drinker as well.

Montresor becomes more
addictive drinker due to the
reason Fortunato torments
him. In the continuation of
drinking, he over-drinks
incidentally and is taken
away to the hospital.

In the loneliness of the
hospital bed, he realizes his
mistakes and wants to restart
his life as fresh but with
decency and resumes his life
in a good manner.

Being unsuccessful in his
commitment, he comes back
to his drinking routine and
becomes poor again.

Montresor still feels uneasy
with Fortunato due to his
bullying and decides to fix
his personality up by quitting
the bad habit of drinking.

Montresor fixes up his
problematic life and gives
full attention to his life.

Montresor quits insane
drinking and becomes a
decent man.

Montresor is not the wealthy
man anymore and is alone
because Fortunato leaves
him due to his poverty.

Montresor calculates his
circumstances then that
Fortunato is the reason of his
too much drinking and losing
of the money. He takes the
revenge from Fortunato in a
very brutal and merciless
way by burying him alive.


Part Two

Directions: Write the introduction for your Narrative Essay, following the guidelines you
were taught. The introduction should be approximately 150-200 words in length and may
include dialogue.

Saddest Day of My Life

Everyone’s life is an amalgam of joys and sorrows so for me as well. My name is Bill and my
father’s name is Adam Bright, he passed away on June 6th 2006 of brain hemorrhage. It was the
afternoon when I came back from my school and was planning to go to play badminton but
my father stopped me at the door and asked,

“Have you received the vehicle registration book for your bike?”

I casually said without knowing that these would be my last words with my dad in his and my

“Dad! Let me come back from the badminton, then I will explain.”

I came back later in the evening and my father had gone to bed earlier than the normal. I left
for my friend’s home where I planned to spend the night. It was exactly 3 am and was
sleeping at the same friend’s house when my cell phone rang and I picked up surprisingly
because I was supposed to receive a wakeup call from my mother at 6 o’clock not at 3:00 am.
I picked up the call with an unknown fear in a faraway corner of my heart. That fear struck
my ear’s diaphragm in the form of the voice of my brother who said that sentence without
giving any pauses,

“Bill! Come back home instantly, Papa has passed away”

It was the earliest but saddest morning wakeup call I had ever heard with my ears and opened
up my eyes with. I could not say anything and became silent until his burial. I went back

home with tumbling legs and saw my unbreathing father lying on the ground. I remember and
recall that 06/06/06 day as the saddest day of my life.


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