my own poem

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Poem 1: Deep Water

In his short story “Sonny’s Blues,” James Baldwin writes that the bandleader Creole “wanted Sonny to leave the shore line and strike out for the deep water.”

In this poem, leave the shoreline of what’s comfortable for you and seek out your own “deep water.” In your poem, you might “go” somewhere (literally or figuratively) you didn’t expect to go when you started the poem. You might observe the world and try to notice something you hadn’t noticed before. You might try something in your writing that you haven’t tried before. You might look deeply into something from which you have usually averted your eyes. You might respond to the events that are happening around you in the world. You might let yourself speak of something you’ve seldom let yourself speak of before. Or you might try to better understand something that you didn’t understand before. Additionally, in the course of writing this poem, try to explode clichés of language and thought. “Unpack” ideas that may be underarticulated or too compressed.

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