Music Writing Assignment

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WK5 Assignment: Share the Music

Watch two videos featuring the performance of a twentieth century music composition. Choices must be from the twentieth century classical tradition, not pop, rock or jazz, or any other genre. 
Watch and listen to videos of music that was composed in the 20th century. The following is a list of possible choices for composers for this assignment. 
You are not required to choose a composer from this list as long as your choices are composers from the twentieth century.

Jeanne Demessieux*
Harry T. Burleigh*
William Grant Still*
Arnold Bax*
Ralph Vaughan Williams*
Sergei Rachmaninoff*
Gustav Holst*
Arvo Pärt*
Henry Balfour Gardiner*
Gerald Finzi*
Nadia Boulenger*
Lili Boulenger*
Benjamin Britten*
Marcel Dupré*
Charles Ives
Manuel de Falla*
Claude Debussy*
Maurice Ravel
Augusta Read Thomas
Bela Bartok
Leonard Bernstein
Aaron Copland
Igor Stravinsky
Arnold Schoenberg
John Adams
Dorothy Rudd Moore
Philip Glass
Morton Feldman
Dmitri Shostakovich
Ruth Crawford Seeger (Ruth Porter Crawford)
Pierre Boulez
Terry Riley

  • For each of the two videos discuss how those compositions reflect the six basics of melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, timbre, and form.
  • You can refer to “Tools” in the course text for detailed information about each of these musical terms.
  • Include links to the videos in your response.

Address all of the required elements of this assignment. Fulfill the Requirements for Writing Assignments, including citing all sources both in the body of the text and in a reference page. If any link does not work contact (The Requirements for Writing Assignments document is attached.)
MLA is the standard citation style in the humanities. Here are some good sources of information for 
Evaluating Online ResourcesCiting Sources, and Writing & Grammar Resources.
Papers will be evaluated according to the following 
grading rubric.

This assignment is due by Sunday of Week 5.

 Upload your paper in Assignments for grading. 

IMPORTANT: Student papers are automatically submitted to Turn-it-in, which checks any paper for words that are not the student’s own writing.

Double check that your attachment is in .doc, .docx or .rtf format.

Supporting Materials

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