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All of the following are characteristics of an effective design process except

increasing the design time for new products and services

meeting customer requirements in the least costly manner

matching product or service characteristics with customer requirements

minimizing the number of revisions needed to make the design workable

Question 21 pts

_________________ is used to compare customer perceptions of different products on two different dimensions.

A perceptual map


Robust design

Reverse engineering

Question 31 pts

_______________ yields a product or service designed to withstand variations in environmental and operating conditions.

Quality function deployment

Robust design

Concurrent design

Computer-aided design

Question 41 pts

Carefully dismantling and inspecting a competitor’s product to look for design features that can be incorporated into your own product is known as

Concurrent design


Reverse engineering

Design for manufacture

Question 51 pts

All of the following can improve a product’s reliability except

simplifying product design

improving individual component reliability

changing the product warranty

adding redundant components

Question 61 pts

Quality function deployment (QFD) is

a software systems that uses computer graphics to assist in designing products

a systematic approach to analyzing the causes and effects of product failures

a visual method for analyzing the interrelationships among failures

a structured process that translates the voice of the customer into technical design requirements

Question 71 pts

Modular design involves

reverse engineering

designing a product so that it can be produced easily and economically

minimizing the number of parts and subassemblies

combining standardized building blocks in a variety of ways

Question 81 pts

Simultaneously designing new products and the processes to produce them is known as

standard design

modular design

concurrent design

functional design

Question 91 pts

________________ is a procedure, used by multifunction design teams, to eliminate unnecessary features and functions from a product design.

Failure mode and effects analysis

Value analysis

Fault tree analysis

All of these answer choices are correct

Question 101 pts

___________________ is a concept where companies are held responsible for their product even after its useful life.

Design for disposal or reuse


Extended producer responsibility

Environmental safety

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