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Movement disorders are the result of a lesion in the motor pathways, including the basal ganglia, prefrontal areas, thalamus, cerebellum, and receptors. Drugs can reduce oxygen, inhibit neurotransmitters reuptake, affect dopamine in the red nucleus, etc… Ethics are an important consideration and there certainly is a longstanding problem with medical professionals administering procedures with long-term negative impact. However, asking researchers, policymakers, and the general public to assess whether or not the treatment is worth the risk does not get the community any closer to solving the problem. The true problem is that these procedures are frequently administered without proper justification and without full patient disclosure of the real potential gains and losses. As a general rule, physicians are much more concerned with being able to claim they had informed or implied consent, than the actual well-being of the patient (Markose, Krishnan, & Ramesh, 2016). Reviewing any malpractice insurance premium or prescription drug side-effect list should confirm this. For those seeking to restore ethics in medical practice, the question should not be whether or not a procedure should be used, but rather: a) what measures were taken to ensure the patient or decision maker fully understood the potential consequences of the procedure, b) whether enough lead time was given to allow a proper decision to be made, and c) whether there was an unhealthy measure of pressure used to convince the patient to comply with the physician’s wishes. These measures would empower patients to make informed decisions and ease the societal burden of a responsibility that belongs to the individuals involved.

Please respond to the above question with at least 150-250 words. No references are needed.

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