Monitoring and Reporting

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  • You are a security professional who reports into Fullsoft’s infrastructure operations team. The Chief Technology Officer asks you and your colleagues to participate in a team meeting to discuss the incident and its potential impact on the company.
  • Fullsoft, Inc. is a software development company based in New York City. Fullsoft’s software product development code is kept confidential in an effort to safeguard the company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. Fullsoft recently experienced a malware attack; as a result, proprietary information seems to have been leaked. The company is now in the process of recovering from this breach.


Fullsoft’s CTO asks you to continue training the new employee, and highlight the importance of continuously monitoring, testing, and improving countermeasures. You inform your new teammate that even within the first 24 hours of configuring baseline security, you may sometimes receive alerts that malware has been quarantined within an antivirus program, discover that a disabled service has been turned on (likely via malware), or notice a failed attempt to log in captured by the audit log. To illustrate this point, you decide to check and report on the security of the workstation for which you and your new teammate configured baseline security.

In addition, the CTO requests that you write a brief statement explaining how your work on this project relates to the larger responsibility you have for supporting the company’s success. Your statement will be considered a part of your upcoming performance review.


Check the Windows 7 workstation you configured (in Project Part 2) for security events. Be sure to review the last 24 hours of the audit log in Event Viewer.

Write a brief report in which you:

  • Describe all the potentially problematic security events that occurred in the 24-hour period. (This is event is fictional. It is up to you to what happened.)
  • Explain what was done (or should be done) to correct the problems encountered.
  • Also write a brief statement explaining how your work on this project relates to your responsibility to help the company achieve its goals. Describe at least additional area of concern or emerging trend related to information systems security that you think warrants the company’s attention in the immediate future.

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