Modern U.S. History study sheet, history homework help

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Identifications: in one sentence identifies all 24.

  1. Vietnam War.
  2. Brown V. Board of Education (1954).
  3. Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  4. McCarthyism.
  5. Military-Industrial Complex.
  6. Domino Theory.
  7. “I Have a Dream” Speech.
  8. The Great Society.
  9. The Feminine Mystique.
  10. Iranian Hostage Crisis.
  11. Camp David Peace Accords.
  12. Watergate Scandal.
  13. Peace Corps.
  14. Reagan Revolution.
  15. Lewinsky Scandal.
  16. 9/11
  17. Obamacare.
  18. Trickle-Down Economics.
  19. Cuban Missile Crisis.
  20. Perestroika/Glasnost.
  21. JFK Assassination.
  22. Federalism. 
  23. Black Lives Matter.
  24. Iraq/WMD

Essay questions: answer all 4 discussion in half page essay. 

  1. Discuss the “collective Good” versus the “individual good” in U.S. domestic policy since the 1950s. In your opinion, which do you support and why. Give examples.
  2. If you a Foreign policy advisor to the next President of the U.S. what would you advice be concerning the “War of Terror”? Explain your thinking and give examples to better illustrate your position.
  3. Since the end of the Cold War there has been much talk about a “New World Order”. What is your ideal of a new word order? Give examples of what role the U.S. and other countries might play.

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