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*Note: Please answer each question thoroughly with a minimum word count of 150 (per question) or more. There are a total of 6 questions. Use APA format for in-text citations and a reference page, cover sheet is not required. Use web for research and cite and reference resources used as well. Attached is a course material, use for your reference if needed.

Your Company’s T-Box

Use the spaces below
to illustrate the input, processes, and output produced by your organization.

1. Name of your organization: Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

2. Inputs + Processes
= Outputs

Provide 3 inputs for your organization, provide the
processes of your organization, and provide the outputs of your organization.

Productivity Questionnaire 
options that can improve organizational productivity.

3. Resources:

Can Family Dollar Store acquire higher quality materials or
find a more reliable or less expensive supplier? If so, list in the provided

4. Technology:

List any technology element (software or hardware) that
holds potential to increase organizational productivity.

5. Effergy:

List and briefly describe any manual process currently
performed by human labor that can be automated or should be outsourced.

6*Summary for
Organizational Productivity with detail:

Present and discuss the primary improvement opportunity
you’ve discovered during the completion of the Organizational Productivity. Provide
some detail as to the area for possible improvement and how it would help your

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