Methods II

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Social Problems and Groups: For this assignment, you will identify and discuss a social related to your field of interest.( My filed interest is working with the Department of family children services mainly child abuse and Verbal Child abuse can be the topic

Part 1

Provide a literature review on a current and addressable social problem (realizing that you will be performing ongoing discussion during the course and updating until the finalized project is submitted and presented). This will include relevant background on the issue, current empiricism (5 years), and a rationale for why it needs to be addressed. Consider this decision based upon the entire project. Be sure to link the selected social problem to social work with groups and services of your field of interest.

Be sure to include the following requirements for this assignment:

Choose a tenable current social problem

Provide a rationale for how this problem affects a specific group.

Contextualize the problem with empiricism and history (Using academic sources to support your discussion)

Select a theoryintervention model that best fit (address) the problem and group work.

Provide a minimum of 5 empirical sources from within the last 5 years to address these issues.

Write a 5–10 page paper—double-spaced, using APA formatting, citations, references, et cetera.

Do not use first person (I, this student, et cetera).

Introduction, body of the paper, and conclusion

Conclusion should include your professional reflection and rationale for how the information you presented in your paper relates to Social Work Practice with Groups/Communities

Part 2-Developing a group intervention

Develop a Group Intervention that would address your selected social problem (field of interest)

In details, describe your strategic intervention

Describe the populationclients

Describe the problem solving process

Key stakeholders

How would this intervention address the needs of clients at your field of interest?

Provide the theoretical rationale and applications that you will use in your strategic intervention.

Provide a detailed outline of your project.

In the outline, create headings and subheadings which detail the structure, flow, and logic of your analysis and strategic intervention project.

Develop a one page flyerannouncement

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