MCAD Methods of Scientific Inquiry Questions

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Methods of Scientific Inquiry

Circle the letter of each question that can be answered though science.

  • At what temperature does water boil?
  • How can my team work better together?
  • When does the sun rise on June 17, 2025?
  • Does adding salt to water change the boiling point of the water?
  • How does the HIV virus cause the human immune system to malfunction?
  • Does the Zika virus cause microcephaly in a developing fetus?
  • Is it hot or cold today?

Circle the letter of each statement that is true about graphs

  • A graph can reveal a trend or pattern in data.
  • Graphs help scientists interpret data.
  • Graphs are the only way to organize and present data.

Which of the following are theories and which are hypotheses?

  • _____If Hormone Q is applied to the leaves of a plant, the plant will grow
  • _____Plants grow best in the absence of light.
  • _____All living organisms are composed of one or more cells.
  • _____ Many human diseases are caused by microorganisms.
  • _____Matter is composed of discrete units called atoms.
  • _____Aphid infected plants that are exposed to ladybugs will have fewer
  • _____If moisture affects the germination of seeds, then seeds kept moist will
  • _____If you refrigerate apples, they will last longer before going bad.


aphids after a week than aphid infected plants that are left untreated.

germinate, while seeds kept dry will not.

loves to garden and wants to grow lots of pink flowers for his friend
Sandy. He bought a special fertilizer to see if it will help plants
produce more flowers. He plants 10 plants of the same size in separate
containers with the same amount of potting soil. Five of the plants he
places in a sunny window and waters them every day with the same batch
of fertilized water. The other five plants are placed on a shelf in his
room and are watered with plain water every other day.

What is wrong with Bob’s experiment? Explain

watching TV the other night, Jenny saw a commercial advertising Super
Green Brain Snacks, which were being sold as food to boost a person’s
learning power. As a student interested in being a biology major in
college, Jenny decides to do her own experiment to test whether the
information in the commercial is true. Jenny recruits five of her
friends and devises a test for them to take prior to eating any of the
Brain Snacks. Then, she has each of her friends eat one snack with each
of 3 meals each day for 3 weeks. At the end of the three weeks she gives
each of her friends the same test again. The results are as follows:



Test Results Before (%)

Test Results After (%)
















Based on the data, do the Super Green Brain Snacks work? What is missing from Jenny’s experiment?

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