Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

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Your paper must focus on how a novel/story/play/screenplay is transferred into film.You also must determine what ideological/thematic position the text and film take and discuss how that position is revealed in each. This should be your thesis.Your paper should also touch on many of the film techniques we discussed in class as illustrations of your points. When possible, incorporate relevant links to scenes from the film.

Your research should be used to support your ideas, not to replace them.The research paper must be 6-8 pages long.This does NOT include the works cited page.You must have at least 4 different research sources. I will be grading the paper according to the following criteria:

I. Content

A.Present a clear and focused thesis statement based on one of the above options.

B.Provide complete and convincing support for your thesis through solid and specific evidence from the works you have chosen.

II. Form


B.Mechanics (spelling, punctuation, legibility, format)

C.Style (transitions, sentence variety, vocabulary)

III. Research


B.Strike a balance between direct quotation, paraphrase, and your own ideas.Do not let your research control your paper.Begin with your ideas and then use research to support them.

  • Correct citation.

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