Marketing Plan for Makeup brushes

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To be clear – marketing and advertising are NOT the same. Advertising is only one part of marketing – it is one “vehicle” to communicate information about your product and company. Marketing includes everything from logos and branding to sales objectives and goals and public relations, as well as advertising.

Please review this PowerPoint presentation on global marketing plans. Your marketing plan will consist of several objectives, each with its own strategies, and each strategy with its own tactics. The PowerPoint explains in pretty good detail how to set objectives – that seems to be the hardest part. It also explains briefly what strategies and tactics are for your objectives.

Then, you will create you global marketing plan. Each plan must include at least three (3) objectives; each objective should have two (2) or more strategies; and, each strategy must have three (3) or more tactics. Please review Chapter 19 thoroughly, and then use that information to fill in your objectives, strategies and tactics for (makeup brushes) product, for (Canada) the one you chose out of the three you researched).

Your plan can be done in bullet points – however, you must fully state your objectives, strategies and tactics (e.g., use sentences).

You need to use any references or in-text citations for this exercise (unless, of course, you use some outside source and need to cite and reference it).

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