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For a large discount retail store like Target and Walmart, it can  be difficult to get the marketing mix just right for a given product.  There are so many products in the store fighting for the attention of  customers. There is also the challenge of helping the suppliers of each  product maximize their profits while making sure the store is making  money. With so many things to consider, working in marketing for such a  large business can be a challenge.

Your Role

This week, you’ll be acting as a Marketing Manager in the sporting goods section.


Marketing Managers are responsible for developing, implementing  and executing marketing plans, either for an entire organization or for  particular categories or products within the organization, in order to  attract potential customers and keep existing ones.

Their day-to-day tasks include managing and coordinating marketing  and creative staff, leading market research to improve existing  products and services, working with advertising agencies, and  determining the best way to get products in front of customers.

As a marketing manager for a discount retail store in Brooklyn,  you have been asked to evaluate a marketing plan for basketballs to  ensure that the 4 P’s of marketing are being applied well. Using your  knowledge of the 4 P’s and the best approach to generating sales, you’ll  take a look at a number of marketing recommendations and choose the  approach that you believe will sell the most products.


Step 1: Product

In the Marketing Analysis Presentation provided by your marketing  team, you’ll see three different basketballs that need to be included in  the product display on Slide 2. Each product has unique features.

  • Based on the information provided about the customers that  shop at the store location on Slide 3, choose the basketball that you  think will sell the most. Explain the rationale for your decision.

Step 2: Place

On Slide 4 of the Marketing Analysis Presentation, you’ll see the  results of a survey that asked potential buyers about where they are  most likely to purchase these products.

  • Use your knowledge about product placement to choose the  best place to sell the products, deciding between traditional stores and  online. Explain the rationale for your decision.

Step 3: Promotion

Slide 5 of the Marketing Analysis Presentation shows three  recommended advertisements, including a special deal promotion, for the  product that is expected to sell the best.

  • Based on the information provided about the customers that  shop at this store location on Slide 3, determine which promotional  activity will sell the most product at this particular store. Explain  the rationale for your decision.

Step 4: Price

Finally, Look at the pricing options available for each of the three products together on Slide 6.

  • Based on your knowledge of the Pricing Strategies discussed  on pages 186-187 in the textbook, choose the option that has the best  pricing mix for all three products. Refer to the customer information on  Slide 2, if needed. Explain the rationale for your decision.

Note: You should complete Step 5 after reading the material in Week 7.

Step 5: Brand & Sales Pitch

The company that makes one of the basketballs is looking to  rebrand the product. They have asked for your input on possible brand  ideas.

  • First, read the Brand Vision statement which summarizes the  goal for the new brand. Then, look at the logo, name, and tagline  recommendations. Which of the two brand directions do you think best  meets the goals of the brand vision? Please support your decisions.
  • Second, write a 2-3 sentence sales pitch that you would use to try to convince someone to purchase this product.

Step 6: Market Segmentation

The marketing plan for the basketballs at the Brooklyn store has  been in place now for four months, and the marketing team has assembled a  report reviewing sales data and customer feedback for the last  quarter’s basketball sales. Overall, the results are lower than you  expected and you are concerned that your marketing and creative staff  have not properly segmented your target customers. Remember, like many  products in the marketplace, the basketball’s marketing campaigns must  target two different groups of customers: (1) adults who purchase the  item as a gift and, therefore, do not actually use the product; and (2)  adults and teenagers who purchase the item for their own use and  enjoyment. Both groups have different reasons and expectations  surrounding the item in question, and those reasons and expectations  will have significant impacts on the buyers’ purchasing decisions.

  • Review the five customer segments detailed on pages 194-195  of your textbook: Behavioral, Sociographic, Psychographic, Geographic  and Demographic. Select one focus area of each segment that you feel is  most relevant to the sale of basketballs at this store location.
  • Keeping in mind the 4 P’s, write 1-2 questions for each  focus area that will guide your staff as they investigate these aspects  of your campaign.


  • Segment: Geographic
  • Focus Area: Neighborhood
  • Questions: What combination of marketing and media channels  did we use to reach current and potential customers? How are we  gathering information on where current customers live who purchased a  basketball?

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