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In an extremely competitive industry atmosphere, centering on the needs of customs can give an advantage exceeding the competition.  Nestle is among the world’s leading beverage and food organization which was started   in the 1867 in Switzerland, The core slogan of nestle is good life, good food, over the period of time, nestle has been manufacturing diverse  products. The organization aims  at thinking  internationally  while acting locally, the core idea of nestle is to create a noble quality of  products to make customers healthy and happy globally. While Thank you started off by selling bottled water with one main goal to donate its profits to fund charity projects in disadvantaged countries(Christopher & Mcdonald 1995).  It’s a fairly simple idea selling water to provide water for those who don’t have access to it. Since launching Thank-you Water the company has branched out into many different area food, body care and baby care. So what has made  Nestle  and Thankyou so successful. Let’s look at it from a marketing perspective, with a focus on segmentation, targeting and positioning (Kimmorley, 2015).  In this paper, we will discuss how nestle and Thanyou has   implemented customer-driven marketing strategy and how segmentation, positioning, targeting differentiation actions taken has helped these companies gain extra market share, expand and  grow.


Nestle marketing segmentation  is founded on demographics which comprise of gender, age,  education and income. Geographic which has countries and cultures. Nestle corporation have segmented their market for Nescafe ice centered on the environmental cold, hot, weather, or warm.  nestle behavioral segmentation is mostly based on awareness, knowledge and attitude of the customer(Christopher & Mcdonald 1995).  Thankyou brand prides itself in its charitable donations, natural products and not testing on animals. So it is safe to say that their products will appeal to the conscious consumer (Kimmorley, 2015). Thankyou have produced products in an ethical manner and share their profits with the goal of ending poverty and when there is so much bad going on in the world it is nice to know that there is somewhere out there doing some good!


Nestle segmentation is grounded on consumer variables which are equally important and useful, Nestle ensue targeting is like a choice they  have their customers by segmentation so they target them to accomplish (Dutton, 1978).   Nestle has scrutinized the market place, their competitors and strengths as well as  they have certain idea where they are virtuous at, consequently  Nestle has try to attend to the segments needs and, thus hope to make customs loyal and happy as they will be profitable for their corporation. Thankyou can thank their huge success to an ingenious Facebook campaign that got them where they are today(Kimmorley, 2015).  As they were trying to get their first concept Thankyou Water off the ground they felt the need to create a demand for their product. They posted on their Facebook page that they were meeting with 7/11 and encouraged followers to post on the 7/11 Facebook page. It is clear to see by using these types of marketing campaigns thank-you are targeting teenagers and young adults with a charitable and ethical conscious.

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