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For this assignment, you will submit a one-two page document
that will provide a profile of your chosen successful company; Zappos. It must cover
the six elements described in Sections II of Part One. You are expected to
provide a minimum of two to three sentences for each of the six critical
elements: mission and vision, strategic management plan, organizational culture,
decision making, principle of ethics, and human resources.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be

Profile, of a Successful Company. Zappos.

a.  Explain
how the company has communicated its mission
and vision
within the organization. In other words, explain how the company
demonstrates the importance of the mission and vision to employees and other

b.  Identify
the role that management played in helping this company executes its strategic management plan. Justify your
response. You could consider including a specific example of a time when this
management plan led to the company success.

c.  Describe how management has helped to positively
influence the organizational cultures within
this company. You could consider using some specific examples, actions, or
strategies that show how management has positively influenced organizational

d.  Explain
management’s pivotal role in the decision-making
process within the company. Be sure to include specific decisions made by
management based on principles of ethics. You could discuss specific
decision-making models used by the company that may have helped the company be

e.  Evaluate
how the use of the functions of management within this company has adhered to
the principles of ethics. You could
consider how using the functions of management while adhering to the principles
of ethics may have impacted the employees of the company.

f.  Explain
how this company strategically uses human
to develop its personnel. You could consider how this use of
human resources has enhanced the company’s business process.

Guidelines: One page maximum with double spacing, 12-point
Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in APA style.

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