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Unit II Problem Solving

Part 1

For this assignment you will conduct a

comparative DuPont analysis of two companies. Using a search engine, find one

large corporation included in the S&P 500. Then, find one of its largest competitors. Go to the investor relations portion of

each corporation’s homepage and find their most rece

nt annual report. Complete a DuPont analysis by calculating the

ROE, ROA, the profit margin, total asset turnover, and equity multiplier. Also, critique the differences between the two

corporations in approximately 100 words.

Part 2

Using the most recent

income statements (annual) for the two corporations from Part 1 of the assignment, calculate a

common size analysis. Then, discuss the differences in the two corporations in approximately 75 words. Insert your 75

word discussion just below your analysis.

Be sure to show all of your work for the calculations. Save and submit Part 1 and Part 2 together in one Word document

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