week 6 discussion questions

Please answer the following two questions separately. Each question needs 3 paragraph regarding different brands.

1. Select three advertisements to which you have recently been exposed. It can be in any paid communications medium, such as TV, radio, newspaper, or magazine. The advertisement that you select should be one to which others in the class can easily relate, such as Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” or the Aflac ad with the white duck that squawks “AFFFFLAAAAAAAC!” â€¨â€¨Evaluate the advertisement from a consumer perspective. Why do you feel the advertisement was created in the first place? What is the message that the advertisement is attempting to communicate? What do you see as this advertisement’s major strengths or weaknesses? Do you think the advertisement was a success?

2.   Select 3 brands, and describe the key touch points the customer has with the brand. Please also describe the big idea, or brand message, underpinning the integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaign that has been developed for this brand. What promotional mix has been used in this IMC campaign?

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