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1. To maintain homeostasis, the normal range of values for a variable

  A)  is always below the set point.

  B)  may change in different situations.

  C)  may not deviate from the set point.

  D)  occurs because of positive-feedback.

2. A term that means “away from the midline” is:

  A)  distal

  B)  lateral

  C)  medial

  D)  proximal

  E)  superior

3. Which of these descriptions does NOT apply correctly to a person in the anatomic position?

  A)  standing erect

  B)  head facing forward

  C)  feet facing forward

  D)  arms hanging to the side

  E)  palms facing toward the thighs

4. The scapula (shoulder blade) is __________ to the lung.

  A)  dorsal

  B)  posterior

  C)  superficial

  D)  all of these

5. The elbow is __________ to the wrist.

A)  distal

  B)  inferior

  C)  lateral

  D)  medial

  E)  proximal

6. The nose is __________ and __________ to the ears.

  A)  anterior, proximal

  B)  superior, lateral

  C)  inferior, posterior

  D)  anterior, medial

  E)  superficial, medial

7. Which of the paired terms below are opposites?

  A)  anterior and cephalic

  B)  posterior and cephalic

  C)  posterior and caudal

  D)  superior and cephalic

  E)  anterior and dorsal

8. Pancreatitis describes

  A)  inflammation of the pancreas.

  B)  removal of the pancreas.

  C)  cancer of the pancreas.

  D)  secretions from the pancreas.

  E)  death of the pancreas.

9. A person lying flat on his back is said to be in the __________ position.

  A)  anatomic

  B)  prone

  C)  supine

10. Given these directional terms: 1. caudal 2. cephalic 3. distal 4. inferior 5. proximal Which of these directional terms correctly describes the relationship of the ankle to the knee?

  A)  1,3

  B)  1,3,4

  C)  2,3,4

  D)  3,4

  E)  4,5

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