academic writing help 3

You need to download two drafts from the attachment & make two separteae reviews based on seven questions. Ask if u need any help.

1. After reading draft, it appears to me that your main idea is ___

2. After reading your draft, it seems to me that the main reason that these ideas are important is ____

3. Regarding how the rhetorical appeals work in your draft, I noticed that____

4. For me, the way you organize and structure your argument is___

5. After reading your draft, what I don’t quite understand is ___

6. The idea I found most interesting in your draft was ___

7. Further comments (these may include comments or suggestions on diction, sentence structures, grammar, rhetorical devices, and overall tone, or other points you believe are worth sharing).

Consider the following questions when completing the peer-review worksheet:

•Has the writer conveyed his or her point clearly, even if the structure is not conventional?

•Has the writer created ethos, logos and or pathos and, if so, are they created effectively?

•In your opinion, has the writer made sweeping and/or problematic generalizations?

•Are you persuaded to at least consider that the writer’s argument is worth serious consideration?

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