hashing and hashing code

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(a) [2 points] Perform an Internet search and briefly discuss in a few paragraphs a computer 

related algorithm based on hashing. Provide an example with a diagram or table to help 

illustrate how the algorithm works. List your sources at the end of your paragraphs using 

APA format. 

(b) [3 points] Download the HashCode.cpp file and implement the details of the functions 

called calculateHashCode() and insertHashTable(). The calculateHashCode() 

function takes a given string and adds the ASCII value for each character in the string to 

produce a hash key. Assume the hash table has a size of 256 so that a hash code can be 

generated by taking the value of the sum of the characters modulo 256. The 

insertHashTable() takes the given hash code and the key (or string) and inserts it into 

the hash table. 



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