wrtg 394 bad news letter

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WRTG 394 students,

Write a formal business letter in which you play the part of a human resources manager writing to a job applicant to inform him that he did not get the job he interviewed for.

You must invent the company, imagine the resume and interview of the applicant, and compose the letter.

The letter should be 3 paragraphs and organized according to the pattern for the negative message:

1.  Buffer or cushion

2.  Explanation

3.  Bad News

4.  Redirect (Alternative)

For guidance on the principles on which the pattern for the negative message is based, please see Chapter 17 of our text Business Communication for Success, which you can find by going to “Content” and then clicking on “Course Resources.”  Under Course Resources you will find “eReadings.”  This is where you can find Chapter 17.

Pages 648 to 652 are particularly useful in explaining negative messages, their purpose and form.

In your letter, be sure to avoid negative language (“Unfortunately…I regret to inform you…I am sorry to say…You are not qualified…”).  Be upbeat and positive and do what you can to cushion the blow and to protect the applicant’s ego (you might consider finding something to praise about his performance in the interview or about his skills and job experience).

The letter should be in 12-point type and presented as a formal business letter with the correct layout (addresses at the top, dates, correct paragraphing, greeting and closing and signature).


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