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Assignment 1

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook. Go to the Internet answer questions 1-5 from the case.

Please type each question as a heading and then type your answer below the question.

·  There are four team structure components that along with team dynamics and development, affect team performance. Which of the four components does the case feature with examples?

·  How would you describe Mark Zuckerberg as a team leader?

·  Describe the team dynamics at Facebook.

·  Based on the facts of the case, at which stage would you categorize teamwork at Facebook? Base your answers on the team development stages in the text.

·  Would you describe Zuckerberg as having a reflexive, reflective, or consistent decision-making style?

Assignment 2

Conduct an Internet search on a concept Business Etiquette Submit a brief (200 words or less) report on the information that you found on the concept. Include the full citations on the information sources that you used. Do not use Wikipedia as an Internet information source.

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