Major muscle groups, assignment help

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You need 2 paragraphs for this assignment to earn full points.

  1. Introduce your topic. One paragraph should be about this topic. It is not unlike a main discussion post.
  2. Apply your topic: What is your future career: Tell me why this topic may be important to your future career. How can you apply this topic of anatomy to real life? A second paragraph should apply this topic. Be specific about this; Do not only say it is important but explain why it is important.

  Due Date: This is due by midnight EST Sunday.


  • 200+ words minimum.
  • Thoughtful, substantial and factual information is required.
  • This must be written in your own words.
  • Direct quotes must be cited. Demonstrate comprehension of material. APA references and citations are expected when sources are used.

How to Submit Your Work:Click on the title above to enter the assignment. Then, please click on WRITE SUBMISSIONand enter your assignment. Submit when finished. Do NOT type in the Comments box.


  • Fibrous vs. Cartilaginous vs. Synovial Joints
  • The Microscopic Anatomy of Muscles
  • Major Muscles Groups
  • Articulations

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