Machiavelli, Columbus Lands in the New World

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Chapter 12

Please respond to the following items:

  • What does Machiavelli gave to say about being loved rather that feared?
  • How does this view contrast with that of Erasmus on the characteristics of a good ruler?
  • Which view points do you consider more modern? Why?
  • Which view point do you think is correct? Why?

Chapter 13

What qualities evident in Elizabeth’s speech would have endeared her to her listeners?

  • How was her popularity connected to the events of the late sixteenth century?
  • Would the members of Parliament have responded differently to a king? Why or why not?
  • Chapter 14

    Columbus Lands in the New World”

    • What evidence in Columbus’s comments suggest that his remarks were made mainly for public consumption and not just for the Spanish court? What elements in society might have responded to his statements, and why? How do Columbus’s comments about gold and the sovereigns reflect his dedication to the European monarchs ?
    • Spielvogel, Jackson, Western Civilization Volume 1: To 1715, 9th Edition, Cengage Learning

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