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same like last week.

you know where to find it .

**********************************************assignment 1 *********************

History 2002

Week 9 Discussion

Twentieth Century Way of Death. In the attached article, the author, Philippe Aries, discusses how different the experience of family death is in modern times than at any time in human history. We are removed from the immediacy of many realities and view them through a screen. Please read this article and in your evaluation, consider how it takes into account industrialized vs. Third World people and the experience of participants in two World Wars.

Twentieth Century Way of Death.pdf

Film Reaction Paper

Write a brief reflection on the movie White Light, Black Rain, considering these questions:

  • How does this add to our understanding of WWII?
  • How do these accounts compare to the US narrative of what happened? If there is a difference, why do you think there is?

***********************************assignment 2 **************************

Click in HOSP 4060

3) Complete the RACI chart Assignment –

4) Complete the Gantt chart Assignment –

5) Complete the SMART Goals Assignment –

you know where to find it and due sunday.


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