Literature Review Report on “Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Performance”

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Final Literature Review Report

The Final Literature Review would consist of 1.5 pages for each of the 5 factors totalling 7.5 pages.

1.Five sections (one of each factor)

2.5 definitions for each factor and how they’re related to each other

3.How those five factors are related to each other

4.Build your own definition using those previous ones

Those five factors are:

1.Employees‘ perceived Effectiveness of Performance Reviews

2.Availability of Negative Culture

3.Availability of Positive Culture

4.Employees’ Perceived Performance

5.Factors leading to developing Positive Culture

While reading about the topics, search for potential questionnaires to use in data collection.

Our questionnaire should include 6 sections:

a. Demographic details;

b. positive culture;

c. negative culture (or b &c together as culture environment);

d. employee perceived effectiveness of performance reviews;

e. employee perceived performance; and

f. factors leading to developing positive culture

Attached are some sample questionnaires that you may also use.

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