Letter of recommendation from a dentist to a future dental student

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LeHello, I am a dentist and one of my dental shadowers/assistants is applying to pharmacy school this year. I would like to write them a professional letter of recommendation that would demonstrate how highly I recommend him to the program (his name is Nicholas).

those are some of the tasks he preformed at my clinic:

*Successfully assisted the dentist performing four-handed dentistry and other chair-side duties.

*Worked closely with patients before, during, and after dental procedures.

*Observed and actively learned about different patient cases.

*Helped to prepare instrument trays and all materials for procedures

*Assisted in communication with patients regarding their health status and treatment plans.

*Answered phone calls during business hours and demonstrated expert use of Dentrix computer scheduling system to manage patent appointments.

You do not have to use all of these duties, but it would be helpful for you to look at them while writing the letter to know what exactly he was doing. It is VERY important to mention that he started as a shadower, then he was able to build the trust in order to become an assistant.

I would like to mention that I see him as a great future dentist because I could really sense his passion to helping others with integrity and honesty.

Some of his great features that could add to the strength of the letter:

-team worker, always willing to learn, great leadership skills, thinks outside the box and asks well-thought questions, great at multitasking, very hard working, optimistic, and MOST IMPORTANTLY is that he is very passionate about dentistry.

This letter needs to be written very professionally… Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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