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You should compare and contrast the theories included in the Learning Theory Matrix template by indicating how each theory addresses the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of an individual. You should analyze and critically assess the practical application of each theory to real-life teaching.

The matrix is a visual cross-section of how each theory can be useful to you as a teacher who is aware of all the elements of a child’s development. For example, the bio-ecological theory seems to explain how all elements of a child’s development and behavior can be impacted by both nature and nurture. That theory might cut across all areas of development.

As you learn more about Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, you might sense that he places a lot of emphasis on that area of development. Vygotsky does also, but what does Vygotsky add to the ideas? Does Vygotsky place any additional emphasis on other areas of development?

Think this through and place in the boxes of your matrix what you think about each theory and if it addresses each of the areas of development. A few complete sentences for each box that capture your thoughts are sufficient.

Learning Theory Matrix template (1).docxView in a new window

You should submit this assignment in LiveText. Your assignment will be evaluated in LiveText using the scoring rubric in LiveText.

Do not submit this assignment in Canvas. The College of Education requires that some major assignments must be submitted in LiveText.

The points you earn on the assignment will be recorded in Grades in this Canvas site.


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