Leadership Roadmap

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Think of it as your own SWOT analysis of leadership. The raw materials will be based on Assignment 1. This will be a typed report, min 1300 words, double spaced, and it will have three parts:

In part 1, you provide the most important insights or learning points on leadership you believe you have gained from the course; you should also explain why you found them personally meaningful to you.

Part 2: Assessment of past opportunities:

In part 2, you provide a factual description and a critical self-assessment and analysis of important leadership challenges, opportunities and dilemmas your career/life has thrown at you so far; the specific ways you responded in those situations; and the overall success or failure of those outcomes.

Assessment of strengths

: You should then use these experiences to arrive at a list of top five or so aspects about your personality that, you believe, exemplify your successful leadership qualities. Please also mention what situations you found to be the most helpful in letting you blossom as a leader.

Assessment of weaknesses/obstacles

: You should also use these experiences to build a list of top five or so aspects about you that, you believe, prevent you from fully realizing your leadership potential. Please also mention what specific environments or situations have typically hindered your growth as a leader.

In part 3, you should outline, in specific details, a career progression road map for the next ten to fifteen years or so.

This part should also explain how such a road map will help you leverage the leadership skills you already possess and help you acquire the ones you don’t have but need, as identified in part 2 above.

Overall, this report will be assessed in terms of how well you have integrated your insights gained with course

material discussed; how realistic, creative, and insightful your roadmap is; and the passion, conviction and

intellectual rigor with which you provide the analysis.

I am attaching the Assignment 1 that you did for your reference.


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