Leadership Excellence: Communicate Your Vision questions, management help

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Review the background of affirmative action. Then,
argue whether or not the intended fairness afforded by affirmative action is
relevant to the 21st century, considering that organizations are typically
trending toward promoting a diverse workforce. Justify your response.

Select two (2) of the following types of harassment:
same-sex harassment, cyber harassment, or hostile virtual environment.
Investigate the significant ways in which the selected type of harassment could
alter work conditions in any organization. Then, formulate a plan to minimize
the selected type of harassment in the organization.

Read the article attached “Leadership Excellence:
Communicate Your Vision”. Next, assess the consequences of leaders not being
able to communicate their change vision. Discuss the outcomes of a change
management plan with an under-communicated vision of change. Develop a strategy
for avoiding under-communicating the change vision.

View the video titled “John Kotter – Communicating a
Vision for Change” (4 min 16 s) below. You may also view the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGVe3wRKmH0.
Next, assess the means of communication that are available to us as leaders.
Review Kotter’s comments regarding communication, and efficient and effective
communications. As the leader of a large organization implementing a change,
develop a strategy for communicating your vision of change. Discuss the tools
that the organization would use as well as the frequency of communication.

Select either direct or indirect dissemination of
information and knowledge. Using three (3) of the six (6) basic elements, (i.e.,
the source, the recipient, the relationship between them, the knowledge to be
transferred, the method of transfer, and the organizational context within
which transfer occurs), suggest one (1) problem that may occur in each element.
Justify your response.

Compare and contrast the major similarities and
difference between tacit and explicit knowledge. Then, determine the two (2)
most effective and the two (2) most ineffective dissemination mechanisms in a
virtual learning environment for each type of knowledge. Justify your response


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