Leadership Challenges

Discussion 7: Leadership Challenges

PS2100 – Human Relations WI20 B – Section D01

PS2100 – Human Relations

The authors of The Leadership Challenge have identified five practices of exemplary leadership (see Figure 12.1). Review these practices and select the two that you feel present the greatest challenge to someone who has been promoted to a leadership position for the first time. Provide a rationale for each of your choices.

Figure 12.1- Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

The Leadership Challenge is considered to be the definitive field guide on leadership. There are over a million copies in print, in 15 languages. The authors have devised the following five practices of exemplary leadership:

. Model the Way. Leaders must model the behavior they expect from others.

. Inspire a Shared Vision. The leader’s dream or vision is the force that invents the future. It is the employees’ belief in and enthusiasm for the vision that motivates them to give their best.


.Challenge the Process. Leaders do not accept the status quo. They search for oppor- tunities to innovate, grow, and improve processes.

.Enable Others to Act. Effective leaders make people feel confident, strong, and capa- ble of taking action.

. Encourage the Heart. Through good times and bad, leaders encourage the heart of their employees to carry on and do their best.

Source: James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, The Leadership Challenge, 3rd ed. (San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2002), pp. 13–20.

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