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You are the privacy officer for a new start-up company. It is offering a mobile app directed at college and graduate students. The idea is that the app will store all of a student’s personal information in one place, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, health records, financial aid, and student loans. Because of agreements between the start-up and the relevant colleges and universities, students can access university student records directly through the app, using the student ID (typically a Social Security Number) as a means of accessing the school records. The app also can store other personal records that the student obtains, for example, from health care providers and financial institutions. One of the board members of the start-up is a retired Facebook executive, who has watched all of thecontroversy surrounding Facebook’s recent activities involving personal data.

Prepare a memo for the board describing the relevant legal and compliance concerns about privacy and data security for this mobile application. Discuss the relevant laws, major legal and compliance risks, and how best the company can protect itself against these risks. In analyzing these issues, identify what you view as the most important areas that should be addressed and discuss strategies for addressing them. ( Please find some notes attached to help you, you can also use outside sources)

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