LAW 2221 business environment law

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I started assigning the homework and quizzes some time ago in an attempt to create an incentive to study the text more carefully with the hope that there would be better understanding of the material. Then, I started posting short, weekly videos to give an overview of the material and explain a few key concepts each week.

In this discussion board I would like to get your input on other ways that I can help you learn and understand the material. Please list ideas of things I can do that you believe would be helpful for you to better understand the course content—and not just “know” it. You need to be able to understand it well enough to actually apply it to real scenarios. [NOTE: These need to be valid ideas to receive the extra credit. Please do NOT simply say things “let us use our book, notes, internet, or work together on exams, etc.” The purpose of the exams and the course itself is for you to show that you both know and understand the material.

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