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Please watch this brief video about how children learn language: (Links to an external site.)

Given what you have learned, offer an explanation of what’s happening in the following situation:

Sammy’s mother told him that the family would take a vacation in Miami. The next morning, Sammy announced, “I gotted my bags packed. When are we going to Your-ami?


Sami is taking the English rule that he innately knows, I turned it into a passed tense word by adding -ed. Instead of using “have,” he uses gotted because Sami believed that the correct word to use is got so he added the passed tense -ed to it to make gotten. He has also never heard the Miami before either so he remembers generally what it sounds like and pronounces in “your-ami.”

two or more sentences replying to this


Sammy is applying “ed” to the end of got because he believes that this is the correct form of the word. This is probably because similar words he knows end with “ed,” so he might assume all words end that way. He probably pronounced Miami as “Your-ami” because he might have thought the first part of the word was “your,” or he might not have been able to fully pronounce the first part, so he pronounced it the closest way he knew how to.

two or more sentences replying to this

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