Language and Agriculture

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watch at least 3 relevant PBS Frontline World films (or 1 longer full length documentary from a source like PBS Frontline, NOVA, etc.) before addressing the following questions/topics in two paragraohs:

What are the two major “paths” to economic development for developing countries (please provide detailed definitions of both) and which do you believe is the better model for less developed countries (LDCs) seeking to improve conditions, wealth and productivity in their societies? Is the “level of development” of a country associated in any way with food and agriculture (particularly the general forms of agricultural production)?

*Here is the link for PBS Frontline World ( Please visit the site and scroll through the Stories by region ( in order to select relevant films. If your selected film will not open and play simply select another. Plenty of relevant films open, play and function just fine. Here is the link for the longer full length PBS Frontline documentaries ( You must clearly use substantial content from the films in your comments.

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