Lab 7: Article Critique on an empiral journey, psychology homework

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Choose an empirical
journal article you are using for the literature review of your research
proposal.  Analyze the article based on
sound research methodological principles, addressing each of the questions

 For this assignment, you will need to submit
two items:

 Your critique, i.e., your responses to the
questions below, in a .doc or .docx (Word) file, AND

 A full text copy of the article in .pdf, .doc,
.docx, or .rtf format.  Do not paste the
article into the same file as your critique. 
Attach a separate file.  If you
fail to submit a full text copy of the article along with your critique, you
will receive reduced or no credit.

(Google it and make sure that you provide the entire article)

Perkins, D. D., Meeks, J. W., & Taylor, R.
B. (1992). The physical environment of street blocks and resident perceptions
of crime and disorder: implications for theory and measurement. Journal of
Environmental Psychology, 12(1), 21-34. doi:10.1016/s0272-4944(05)80294-4

 Answer the following questions in about 1-2
sentences each, leaving the questions and question numbers intact.  Write entirely in your own words—plagiarism
or “too close paraphrasing” will result in reduced or no credit.  Be sure to cite your source appropriately
using APA style.

1.  What is the importance or purpose of this
research?  (Note this is different from
the research question.)

2.  What is the research question?

 3. What is the research hypothesis(es)?

 4. What type of research methodology was used?
What type of design was used?

 5. What is the independent variable (or predictor
variable)? What are the levels of this variable?

 6. What is the dependent variable (or outcome
variable)?  What is the operational
definition of this variable?

 7. What variable(s) was controlled by the

 8. What materials were used to conduct the study?

 9. What were the results of the study?  (Note I’m looking for words here, not
statistical terminology.)  Did they
support the hypothesis?

10.  What is the importance or significance of the
findings? (Note this is different from support for/refutation of the

 11. What suggestions do you have for future
research on this topic?

 Provide an APA style reference for the

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